The Open Trilogy

Experience a threesome as told by three people, in three stories, through three points of view.

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An excerpt from Open Door, book one in the Open Trilogy:

20c-SeriousMoonlight-open-door-sm“She had arrived at the door exactly when asked, an hour and a half before he was expected to return to the room. She was wearing a sleek blood-red pencil skirt and a tightly tailored, high-buttoned black shirt that clung to her arms, her belly, her tits like a carapace. She wasn’t showing much skin, but in the way her clothes caressed the contours of her body it was clear she had put some thought into what she was wearing. Her raven hair was tied up in a band of leather, a thicker band attached around her neck as a choker. Twin strands of silver earrings framed her face. Her lips were full and inscrutable. Her dark eyes danced.”

Serious Moonlight 18: Closing Time

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His hand glided along the voluptuary curve of her ass as they peered from a dark corner of the lobby into the gift shop. The shopgirl was closing up the store for the night, straightening the shelves in the half-light of the dimmed fluorescents. She wore a long, thin pencil skirt, a loose-fitting blouse. Her raven black hair fell freely over her shoulders. She moved with the fluid, natural grace of the young.

She seemed fully unaware she was being watched.

from Closing Time, by J G Cain

Free story: two days left

Serious Moonlight 9: Mindful is free on Amazon for two more days.

Serious Moonlight 9: Mindful

I’ve posted several excerpts from the story here previously, so feel free to look them up. For now, all I will add is that it’s about a couple trying to find the boundaries and limits of their desires. If a sensual path feel healthy and loving, they continue down that path. If it throws out mental red flags, they stop. So, amid all the graphic sex, not in just this story but in all the stories, I am trying to paint a picture of what that active sexual exploration looks like. Following your bliss while being mindful (the name of the story, after all, is Mindful) of your partner’s boundaries.

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NEW story – Serious Moonlight 17: Have a Nice Day



The sound of the ripping fishnet spurred him to take her violently, as if it were the aural key to some previously unlocked door. She felt the ripping mesh against her skin, each individual thread popping down the length of her leg, freeing her skin, and so much else.

FREE story – Serious Moonlight 9: Mindful

Serious Moonlight 9: Mindful

She presented her ass to him. He thwapped it again, significantly harder this time. She responded with a sharp intake of breath.

The tenor of his voice changed. “Can I spank you harder?” he asked. They had never done this before. They didn’t know the rules. Maybe there were no rules.

Pause. “Yes,” she whispered.

A NEW Story and a FREE Story

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It was no-frills sex. No toys, no lingerie, no roleplay, no power exchange. They had shared a look in the car, a longer look in the hotel lobby, and in the elevator a fiery exchange of eye contact so incendiary that if that old lady with the dog had not been standing behind them they would have started right there.



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When he remembered the moment years later, and he would, he would recall her expression as not even specifically sexual. He would remember the openness of her gaze, the complete lack of boundaries, the trust in knowing anything might happen next. It was the awestruck look of a child; it was the worshipful look of a parishioner deep in prayer. The look of an athlete milliseconds before the firing of the starting gun. The look of a girl about to receive her first kiss.

Their eyes locked. The air shimmered. The moon broke out into clear sky and moonlight spilled through the window, baptizing them.


And then he sneered and pulled the belt tight and the air went red and everything seemed to happen at once. He lifted her off the ground with the belt, kissing her roughly as she gasped and choked and moaned, biting at her lips and tongue. He lowered her back to the ground.