Coming this week: The collected Open Trilogy

Experience a threesome as told by three people, in three stories, through three points of view. Smart, sexy and full of surprises.

An excerpt:

The girl smiled, and for the first time the woman felt some warmth escape from the glare of her beauty. The smile reached her, and touched her.
The girl sat down at the foot of the bed. The woman, after a moment, sat down next to her. They were not sitting overly close, but she could feel the attraction in the space between their skin.
Gently, the girl said, “What do you want?” Then, “If you don’t know that’s okay. Or don’t want to tell me. I’m just asking.”
The woman began to reply, faltered, grew silent.
“Are you doing this for him?”
“No. Not exactly. Maybe.” They looked at each other frankly. At last she said, “We’ve watched you. We’ve talked about you. We’ve fantasized about you.”

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