NEW flash fiction, and FREE flash fiction

A NEW flash story, and a FREE flash story.

NEW this week – Serious Moonlight 13: Pangloss


Our lovers roleplay meeting as strangers in a bar.

“They planned the entire scenario with care. She’d dress in that borderline classy/slutty way she deployed when she was bluntly trying to seduce him. Tonight she wore that short black sleeveless dress he loved, along with black stockings, the sight of which she could control with the slightest adjustment of her leg, allowing a flash of the skin above the stockings with seemingly no effort. She knew how much he enjoyed glimpsing the top of her stockings. Her command was uncanny.”

FREE this week – Serious Moonlight 2: The Razor Thin Edge



Love, submission, oral sex, choice, time, free will and the multiverse.

“She looked into his eyes, weighing her choice. He balanced on the razor-sharp edge of an orgasm. So close. One or the other. A moment as thin as a heartbeat. She too was consumed by the ever-present now. This moment. Then this moment. Then this moment. An infinity of moments. Pearls on a string.”

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