The Open Trilogy

Experience a threesome as told by three people, in three stories, through three points of view.

The first story of the Open Trilogy lands this Friday, and is FREE!

You’ll want to buy the second two stories to find out what happens.

An excerpt from Open Door, book one in the Open Trilogy:

20c-SeriousMoonlight-open-door-sm“She had arrived at the door exactly when asked, an hour and a half before he was expected to return to the room. She was wearing a sleek blood-red pencil skirt and a tightly tailored, high-buttoned black shirt that clung to her arms, her belly, her tits like a carapace. She wasn’t showing much skin, but in the way her clothes caressed the contours of her body it was clear she had put some thought into what she was wearing. Her raven hair was tied up in a band of leather, a thicker band attached around her neck as a choker. Twin strands of silver earrings framed her face. Her lips were full and inscrutable. Her dark eyes danced.”

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