from Leviathan

An excerpt from Serious Moonlight’s Friday release.

5SeriousMoonlight-leviathan-sm They tossed flame-thrower glances at each other all through dinner, and began fucking as soon as they got back to the room. They fucked their way from the floor to the couch to the bed, through the evening into late night, then early morning.

He was now lying on the bed, utterly spent, remote on his chest, watching an ancient rerun of Seinfeld. It was a show they both knew by heart. Every line, every episode.

She was on her side, head propped on her hand, watching him.

You’ve made me a slut, you know.”

He turned to her, smiling lazily. “Yes.”

Your slut. Your filthy, wanton slut”

He smiled inwardly at her use of the word “wanton.” Such a delightful word, and one only she would use. He loved listening to her talk. The words she chose.

I’m so needy, baby,” she said. “I’m such a needy little slut now. It’s all your fault. You’ve turned me. I’m so wet. Such a wet, needy slut.”

He turned from the television, reached out to her, caressed her cheek with his thumb. “And such a pretty one too. You are so pretty. My pretty slut.”

I need more, baby.”

He laughed. “You can try.” He looked down the bed to his fully flaccid cock. “I’m all fucked out, my love. I’m not twenty anymore. I don’t have that much in me.”

Really?” She said this in a tone so unexpectedly seductive something within him stirred. He sensed his desire as a dark shape, lying dormant on the sea floor of his consciousness, buried beneath heavy miles of water, too distant to be coaxed into the open.

– from Leviathan, by J G Cain


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