from Serious Moonlight

4c-SeriousMoonlight-serious-moonlight-smThis Friday’s release is the short story, Serious Moonlight, the tale that started the series. Think of it as the origin myth of the relationship. All relationships have origin myths, this is theirs.

An excerpt:

He lowered the loop of leather around her neck. He did not pull on the belt but left the loop loose as he walked around to stand in front of her again. He felt on the verge of some new world.

She raised her head to look up at him. Her face was aglow, as if lit from within. Her mouth was slightly agape, her eyes round with wonder.

When he remembered the moment years later, and he would, he would recall her expression as not even specifically sexual. He would remember the openness of her gaze, the complete lack of boundaries, the trust in knowing anything might happen next. It was the awestruck look of a child; it was the worshipful look of a parishioner deep in prayer. The look of an athlete milliseconds before the firing of the starting gun. The look of a girl about to receive her first kiss.

Their eyes locked. The air shimmered. The space around their bodies grew electric. The moon broke out into clear sky, and moonlight spilled through the window, baptizing them.


And then he sneered and pulled the belt tight and the air went red and everything seemed to happen at once. He lifted her off the ground with the belt, kissing her roughly as she gasped and choked and moaned, biting at her lips and tongue. He lowered her back to the ground. His cock was inches from her face.

– from J G Cain’s Serious Moonlight

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