from Fire and Ice

3c-SeriousMoonlight-fire-ice-smA excerpt from this Friday’s release, Fire and Ice.

“He made his way down her body with hot glacial languor, biting her so that she could feel the sharp burn of the liquor where teeth met skin. The elegant white curve of her neck, then down to the meat of her tits. He lingered on each nipple, biting and pulling, letting the fire of the alcohol inflame her thickening flesh. He moved lower, trailing bourbon, letting a small pool form in her belly button before lapping it back up.

By the time he got to her pussy, his mouth was emptied. He raised himself onto his knees.

“I am on fire,” he told her.

“Don’t make a fuel of yourself,” she replied, and they both began laughing, pleased this ancient childhood joke still held its power. It did not break the mood, but enhanced it, all aspects part of a larger whole: sex, humor, intellect, emotion. It was one thing. It was all things.

Their laughter calmed. Their smiles did not leave their faces.”

– from J G Cain’s Fire and Ice

Serious Moonlight #2: The Razor Thin Edge

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“He said, “I am so close to cumming, love. So close to the edge. A hair’s breadth away. A split second between me cumming and me not cumming. One or the other. Such a thin line. If you were to blow on my cock I would cum here and now, spurting all over your pretty lips. Just the feel of your breath is all it would take.”

He stood motionless, struggling to maintain control. Don’t cum. Don’t cum. Don’t cum. He rode the hot edge of his orgasm, consumed by the now of it. This moment. Then this moment. Then this moment. Pearls on a string.”

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The Razor Thin Edge

Serious Moonlight #2 drops on Friday. The Razor Thin Edge. A little domination, a little submission, a little meditation on choice, time, free will and the multiverse.

This is my favorite of the bunch. If you only read one, read this one.

Serious Moonlight shines today!

Serious Moonlight #1: Business CasualThe first book of the Serious Moonlight series, Business Casual, drops today for 99 cents.  Go buy your copy today!

Serious Moonlight #1: Business Casual on Amazon

Serious Moonlight is J G Cain’s smart and sexy flash erotica series. Expect a new story every Friday for the next year.  Hot, playful, subversive, humorous, kinky, sex-positive and literate: it’s all in the mix.

Business Casual finds our couple in a hotel room during a business conference.  Suggested dress is “business casual,” but after hours they make their own choices of attire.

from Business Casual

Another excerpt from Busines Casual, out this Friday as the first story in Serious Moonlight:

“He threw her down on the bed, ripped off her bra, fell between her legs and began to finger her, tearing at her legs as he did so, pulling the fishnet off by the fistful. It drove him into a fury, how the material stretched, refusing to rip, and then suddenly the weave would reach its limit. The pulling stopped, the tearing commenced, and the ripping sound hit his ears. It was like a hit from a pipe, a slug from a bottle.”

– from Business Casual, by J G Cain